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Meccano Motorized Movers S.T.E.A.M. Building Kit with Animatronics

Features: BUILDING KIT FOR UNLIMITED CREATIONS: Give the young inventor in your life a fun and challenging new project – Meccano’s Motorized Movers! Inside a re-useable case, your future engineer...
LE 1,200.00 LE 1,180.00
Best SellersBuilding Toys

Meccano 25-in-1 Super Car STEAM Building Kit

Features: Model car-building Erector set lets kids create a sleek, fast supercar--or 24 other exciting variations. Durable metal components and real tools offer an authentic engineering experience, encouraging the development...
LE 1,300.00 LE 1,280.00
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Meccano by Erector John Deere 8R Series Tractor STEAM Building Kit with Working Wheels

Features: MODEL TRACTOR BUILDING KIT: Nothing runs like a Deere! Build the iconic John Deere Tractor with Meccano’s building kit. Complete with working wheels, once built, this tractor can be...
LE 900.00 LE 890.00
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Meccano 15 -in-1 Super Truck S.T.E.A.M. Building Kit with Moving Parts

Features: MECCANO - Meccano, French company, attaches great importance to the quality and safety of its toys. BUILD BY YOU - The Super Truck 15 model construction kit allows the...
LE 800.00 LE 790.00
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Meccano Geared Machines S.T.E.A.M. Building Kit with Moving Parts

Features: Building kit for unlimited creations: budding inventors now have everything they need to get creative with gears! Introducing meccano’s geared machines: a building kit that shows young thinkers how...
LE 700.00 LE 690.00
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Meccano 10-in-1 Rally Racer S.T.E.A.M. Building

Features: Construct a working Rally Racer with this exciting building set from Meccano. Inside, you’ll find all the tools need to start building! Builders use real tools (included) to assemble...
LE 600.00 LE 590.00
Best SellersBuilding Toys

Meccano 5-in-1 Motor Bikes Or Cars Building Set

Features: BUILDING KIT FOR 5 MODELS: With the Erector by Meccano 5-in-1 Street Fighter Bike building kit, builders can create up to 5 different bike or car models! Kids can...
LE 500.00 LE 490.00
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